Support for the campaign

Friday, 30 March 2012  at 14:04

From the early stages of this campaign it has been very heartening to see the support and passion from across the spectrum for a measure that could protect thousands of children. We have come together under the banner of the Plain Packs Protect Partnership which is an effect a group of organisations who all believe that placing tobacco products in plain packaging is the last great step in closing the loop of tobacco marketing. Below are just some of the comments that underline the strength of feeling towards this campaign and just how important it is regarding smoking and children:

British Heart Foundation
Packaging is a key component - and in fact the last bastion – of tobacco advertising in the UK. While more traditional adverts have been rightly banned, cigarette packs covered in attractive colours, branding and images still speak to young people…two thirds of the UK’s existing 10 million smokers starting before they turned 18, it’s critical we close this advertising loophole and protect our children and young people from getting hooked on a lifetime’s addiction.

Cancer Research UK
Eight out of ten smokers start by the age of 19. Addiction keeps them smoking into adulthood where it kills one in two long-term users. Marketing is known to pull children into smoking and the pack is just another marketing tool. Children should be protected from the marketing of a highly addictive and seriously harmful product. Plain packaging is needed because it will contribute to this protection.

We are delighted that this government is putting us on track to be the first European country tobacco to put tobacco in plain packs. This is an essential next step in protecting young people from the insidious marketing tactics of the tobacco industry. Our research shows that this measure will have widespread public support.

Of course we have many more partners from the Trading Standards Partnership in the South West to the Royal College of Physicians showing the true breadth of the support for a move towards following Australia into bringing plain packaging in to law. 

* This number reflects the total amount of people who have signed up to support the plain packaging of tobacco products, via the Plain Packs Protect Partnership (logos below), British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK websites.
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