ASH Scotland: Tobacco advertising drive shows industry ‘up to its same old tricks’

Wednesday, 10 April 2013  at 12:34

ASH Scotland chief executive Sheila Duffy responded in Talking Retail today to the new advertising campaign led by Japan Tobacco, which featured on this blog yesterday.

The article read:

Health campaigners at Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) Scotland have responded to reports of a new advertising drive by Japan Tobacco International opposing the Scottish Government’s support for plain, standardised packaging for tobacco products.

ASH Scotland chief executive Sheila Duffy said: “Governments around the world are trying to tackle the harm caused by tobacco and a growing number, including Scotland, believe they have found a new tool to help. As more and more countries look at introducing plain, standardised packaging the tobacco companies are clearly rattled by something they claim won’t work and are spending millions of pounds opposing it.

“When tobacco companies, and the front groups who speak on their behalf, say there is no evidence to support standardised packaging, what they mean is that it is a new idea. But while every idea was new once this one has been thoroughly tested and passed with flying colours.

“Japan Tobacco can spend millions of pounds on adverts but what their money can’t buy is facts. There are no new revelations here, just the same old tobacco industry up to its same old tricks – an industry which knows it has to recruit new customers to replace those who quit or who die and which doesn’t want any child protection measures getting in the way.”

To view the story in Talking Retail, click here.
* This number reflects the total amount of people who have signed up to support the plain packaging of tobacco products, via the Plain Packs Protect Partnership (logos below), British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK websites.
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